Expedition 2013: Tuesday June 25th

I would like to post every day, but we have been going from morning till night getting to where we are now, and surveying this valley.  The day we descended from our high camp was cold, misty, partially snowy, and all of us got lost in different places.  “Indiana Jones my ass,” said Enrique scornfully, as I led him down a dead-end valley into a series of difficult drop-offs that we had to scramble down.  This ain’t the movies, I thought in reply. But Enrique is a good sport and never complains.  Bryce and Kevin found themselves in a different snafu, wandering in circles along the mountain ridge that was supposed to be a shortcut to the pass. Mist can do that. We beat them there in the end.

Well, I could go on, but Enrique is antsy to get this message out tonight, and it’s late.  It’s been a bumpy ride so far, and we are short of hands, for complicated reasons. Yesterday was spent hacking through thick brush for hours on end to check out some ruins that I  already knew but wanted Kevin to see.  They were easy to visit when I was here some years ago, but the area is now abandoned, and thick vegetation has reclaimed the old trail and covered the ruins.

Meanwhile our small crew of wranglers had been cutting trail up a mountainside to a new camp which we ourselves expect to reach tomorrow afternoon.This will be a step towards our next major objective, the ridgetop site which we located last year. Our head wrangler came down today with news of another unreported group of ruins on the way up the mountain, so there is plenty of anticipation to stir the blood.

Another tough but exciting day ahead tomorrow.

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  1. Andrea Heckman Reply

    Hope big news for you all today. Incredible to follow you via blog from this easy warm chair. Prayers and best wishes, Andrea

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