Expedition 2013: Last Day in Cusco

We are frantically packing, wondering if our cook is actually going to show up, doing last minute stuff.

“We” in the end, are:
Peter Frost
Kevin Floerke
Enrique Velasco
Bryce Winsor
Marco Perez
Efrén whose-last-name-I-have-mislaid-but-will-know-by-next-blog-post.

More anon about this cast of characters.

This morning we did a  beautiful “pago a la tierra”, with Q’eros shaman Orland Apaza, an Andean ceremony for the earth and the mountains, to bless our journey with safety and success.

Here are photos of Orlando at work.

Departing tomorrow at 6am. Next post soonest.

.pago 1    pago 2

6 thoughts on “Expedition 2013: Last Day in Cusco

  1. Luther Clary Anthony, Jr. (Mark) Reply

    In March of next year, Sharon, my Dad, step-mom and I are returning to Peru for the Amazon Riverboat cruise. If by chance we would be in Lima at the same time, I would like to visit.

    Best wishes on you new adventure.

    • Peter Frost Reply

      Not sure my plans for March next year, but if I’m in Lima it would be great to connect,

  2. Evelyn Morgner Reply

    We wish you a successful and safe expedition, and one filled with intriguing new discoveries!

    Best to you and your team, and we will be following you with great interest!
    Ian Evelyn and Christina

  3. Andrea Reply

    Remember well the ceremony you shared with us. May the earth and mountains keep you safe and may you be surprised at every turn, by success.

  4. Mary R Reply

    Good luck and safe travels to you all! Will you be posting updats here or via e-mail??

    Mary Foote R.

    • Peter Frost Reply

      I will send a general email to announce my re-emergence in the blogosphere, and then post new blogs here.

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