Expedition 2013: First Post from the Field!

Sorry everyone for the delay in getting out our first field blog post.  Things have been hectifrantic since before we left Cusco, but the first signs of calm have returned.

Wednesday, June 19th:

We suffered a cook failure on Saturday, and had to find a new one at the last imaginable moment.  He was not available (for shopping for supplies etc.) until around 7pm Saturday night.  We planned to leave at 6pm Sunday morning.  PF spent Saturday evening in the supermarket with the cook, jostling with Father’s Day shoppers for food purchases. We finally got away around 8.30 Sun morning.

The drive to our trailhead was an affair of many stops (to purchase cooking gas and bread in one place, gasoline in another, live chickens in a third, lunch in a fourth) and delays (wobbly wheel with loose nuts to be tightened, two missed turnoffs), an unscheduled overnight campsite on account of all this, but finally our arrival at trailhead, the scheduled meeting with our head wrangler, and now we are here at the base camp where we tackle our first major goal: the peak where we believe a significant Inca ceremonial site may be located.

Kevin Floerke, Marco Perez and Efren Lopez spent Tuesday scouting routes to the summit, and tonight they are up there, sleeping at high altitude prior to the reconnaissance mission which they plan for tomorrow.

We await the results in great suspense. There is much more to tell, and I will fill in some of the details tomorrow.

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