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A Video Update The first of the aerial drone footage! The drone recorded in such high quality and resolution that we had to convert all the files in or [...]

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The Aftermath…

Thanks for everyone’s patience as the team took a much-needed rest after three weeks in the field. We’re still in the process of reviewing the thousands of photos and hours of drone footage, and o [...]

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They’re back!

Peter, Kevin, Chet, Javier and Americo have all returned from the field. They got back around midnight on Thursday, August 4th. The team was surprised both by what they did find and what they didn't. [...]

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Wiracochan Archeological Project 2016, Day 1: Wednesday, July 13

(Note: this entry was written by Leo Duncan, Peter´s son and assistant. He was originally supposed to go on the expedition but was prevented by injury. He came for the first day of the expedition to [...]

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Expedition 2013: June 23rd

Full moon last night. Bryce announces that the moon is the closest it has been to the home planet for six years, so when the mist clears it is big and briliant in the sky -- the more so because we are [...]

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Expedition 2013: The Story Day by Day

I’m going a few days back from the last blog post, and adding more detail, because  I simply couldn’t do this in real time with our field data transmission limitations. June 22nd Another grun [...]

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