A Video Update

The first of the aerial drone footage! The drone recorded in such high quality and resolution that we had to convert all the files in order to even watch them on Peter´s computer.

Kevin got out and shot this aerial drone footage of Peter´s car, La Cangreja, descending from the Yanama Pass to the village of Yanama. This gives you an idea of the rugged terrain we were operating in. There´s no sound, of course, as the drone had no mic on it. All you would hear is wind and the drone´s engine, anyways.

One Commment

  1. Wow, that’s amazing! I can’t wait to show the video to my boys. It’s good to see a positive use for this technology. I can imagine many more in the field. And now I know I should try to convince Peter to drive next time I need to go somewhere on a road that looks at all like that. Looking forward to hearing the next chapter of the story of this expedition.

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